Today, I want to Introduce You To A “New Twist” On Running Your Auto Repair Shop That Will Completely Revolutionize The Way You Do Business…

Instantly allowing you to get more customers, better customers, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance)…

Take home more money, and probably slash your work hours like never before.

And I’m willing to bet $50.00 of my own money that it won’t be a waste of your time!

Before we get started, let me first quickly introduce myself.

In case you don’t know me, my name is Ron Ipach and for the past 23 years, I’ve helped over 6567 auto repair shop owners to attract and keep all the top-quality customers that their shops can handle and take home more profits than ever before.

I’m very proud to say that almost every month you’ll find the success stories of my clients featured on the pages of all the industry trade magazines.

In fact, almost every repair shop ‘guru’ out there selling how-to information to shop owners was once, or still is, a client of mine. 

(Yes, you’ve finally found the source of where they get their information that helped make them be so successful in the first place)

I’ve devoted 23 years of my life to help shop owners succeed with my no nonsense, proven approach to making (and keeping) more money…

and now I hope to do the same with you with the information I’m bringing to you on this video.

Now, in case you are wondering… This is NOT a Sales Video! I’m not selling you anything today.

In fact, it might actually lead to ME giving away my own money!

Interested?? Curious??

Here is What This Is All About

As I said, for the past 23 years I’ve been helping shop owners like you to attract tons of high-quality customers to their shops, and in turn…

making them a whole bunch more money.

Recently I looked back at the mountain of ads, letters, post cards, campaigns, seminars, audio recordings and video instructional materials that I’ve produced over the years…

and while I was quite proud of all of this great ‘stuff’ that I created, tested, and proved to work… actually inside, 
I was a bit sick to my stomach.

Let me explain…

A while back I met a couple of guys that asked me a short series of questions that made me totally rethink the way I’ve been helping my clients. 

While I don’t need to go into their specific questions, what I will do is give you the conclusions that I got from the answers that I gave to them.

-- If you, the shop owner, have a problem that needs fixing with your business (like more customers, better employees, higher profit margins, etc)…

You need answers to those problems NOW…not months from now.

-- You don’t have the time to read through hundreds of pages of manuals or have the patience to sit through hours upon hours of audio or video recordings to find the answers you need.

-- Traveling across the country and sitting in another seminar, or agonizing through days of meetings won’t give you the fix you need either.

-- Being spoon-fed tiny bits of information by some ‘coach’ over several months or years isn’t the answer either

-- You need a proven step-by-step roadmap to follow. Something simple and straightforward because you’re busy enough just keeping your shop together.

Bottom Line: What made me sick was that I realized that my ‘old’ way of teaching through the use of books, seminars, audio and video recordings was…

Keeping YOU On The SLOOOOOW Track To Success!

True, over the years, I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of shop owners make lots and lots of money (millions of dollars, in fact!)…

– but for many, it was a long slow journey.

I can only imagine how many more folks would have gotten those same awesome results (or better) had they been able to stick with me on that ‘success slow lane’.

I really believe that many shop owners flat-out gave up before they reached their full stride.

If only I had known then what I know now! Well, the fact is…


I’ve now taken everything I’ve taught over the past 23 years and distilled it down to only the best-of-the-best knowledge, skill-sets and strategies that you need to explode your growth and profits…

…and put it into six power-packed training modules that’ll have you well on your way to record profits in less than 43 days!

**Yeah I know, that sound like a bunch of sales hype – but I assure you, this is NOT a sales letter.

In order to do that, I’d have to ask you to buy something from me right now, but instead I’ve put together…

An Offer You Can’t Refuse!

Here’s the deal. I’d like to offer you a free 30-minute 1-on-1 strategy session where I will personally explain how this system works …

…and uncover how (or if) it can be implemented in your business.

As you may know, I’m probably the most expensive consultant in the entire auto repair industry, charging fees up to $1250 per hour.

Heck, back when I ran my $16,000 per year coaching group, it was totally sold out and had a long waiting list just to get in.

So this strategy session has real value to you.

We’ll be taking a close look at your business, explaining how this ground-breaking new system works, and then we’ll see how you can implement all of this for maximum profits. 

Figure on being on the phone together for about 30-minutes or so.

You see, I’m sure I’ve stumbled on what, for a lack of a better phrase, is “The Next Big Thing.”

In fact, I believe that this new twist on profitability, customer attraction, and positioning will completely revolutionize the way you do business

…instantly allowing you to get more customers, better customers, dramatically raise your prices (with zero resistance)…

make your shop run so much better, more profitable, and probably slash your work hours like never before.

But before I do a major launch of this to the rest of the industry, I need to know if it’s likely to work for as many shop owners as possible.

So I figured the best way to find out for sure was to get on the phone, walk you through it, and see how it works for you.

But Here’s The Catch…

Ahhh… I’ll bet you’re wondering if there’s a catch. Nope, no catches here (but I’ll bet that I caught your attention, huh?)

There are, however, a couple conditions you need to know.

First, the beta test of this new system will only be offered to the first 10 shops that qualify


In the interest of not wasting your time or mine, let me tell you right up front that…

If your business is so far in the crapper right now that you don’t have the time or money to invest in what’s needed to help turn it around, sorry, but this isn’t for you.

If you currently rely on low-ball, bait-n-switch or hard-sell, fear-based sales to sell your services, this isn’t for you.

If you’ve totally lost your passion for your business and even making a crap-load more money with it won’t rekindle your excitement, sorry again.

Here’s Who This IS For…

This new way of doing business is best for shop owners that already have a decent business.

You don’t need to be top notch right now, you just need to feel that you have a good chance of being successful once you have all the right information at your disposal.

You have to run an honest and totally ethical business.

(This information is only for quality shop owners that have great reputations for delivering outstanding service.)

You need to be willing to invest a bit of time and effort, because being able to set aside some time for this right now is probably going to pay off huge later on…

leaving you with lots more time to go and do whatever you want to do – travel, fishing, golf, or whatever you like.

If you meet these simple criteria,

I’ll Pay $50.00 For Your Opinion

Here’s the deal: When you finish your session with me, one of two things will happen.

Scenario #1: (The most likely scenario) You’ll say “HOLY CRAP, THIS IS AWESOME! I’M GOING TO MAKE A FORTUNE!!”

Scenario #2: (Unlikely) You’ll say, “You know, this isn’t going to do a darned thing for me and my business.”

In the very unlikely event that scenario #2 occurs,

I’ll Donate $50.00 To Your Favorite Charity 
As Soon As We Hang Up The Phone!

That’s how confident I am that I’ve uncovered the “missing link.”

Either you’ll be blown away or I’ll send your charity $50 bucks. Just ask and I’ll make it happen.

Here’s What I Want You To Do Next

Below this video you’ll find a call request button to get started.

Click that button to choose a time that works best for both you and I to chat.

Then I’ll ask you to fill out very brief questionnaire where I’ll ask you some very basic questions about your current business.

They’re simple and quick. All I ask is that you fill it out honestly and completely.

Finally, during our talk, I promise that if you meet the criteria I explained earlier, you’ll get enormous value from our time together. 

Go ahead and click the button to choose the best time to chat right now while it’s fresh in your mind.

There is no cost and no obligation whatsoever.

Remember: I’ve found what I believe to be the perfect shortcut that will help your business succeed very quickly…

without having to weed through mountains of information in the form of classes, books, tapes, videos, etc. 

It truly is the “Next Big Thing.”

I’ll walk you through it and show you how to implement it.

It’s a FREE session and if you think I’ve wasted your time, I’ll pay $50 to your favorite charity.

You can’t lose! Let’s get started right now.
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